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1:1 Genesis Project Minting Soon

Timeless art to add a new dimension to your gallery, digital or IRL.
Abstract/Cubism with a touch of urban; bright yet somber colors, and distinct rarity features.
Samples below are not final render quality but here to demo the collection in its current state.
The Heart of the Maze
Le Cœur Du Labryinthe
The cave you fear holds the treasure you seek
The Magic of Frens
La Magie Des Amis
The heart you win, is the mind you open
Night's Embrace
L'entente de la Nuit
Embrace the dark, it is what brings power to light.
Antonio's Room
Le Chambre d'Antoine
Love surrounds you, even when you're not looking.
The Moon Goddess (嫦娥)
Le Déesse De La Lune
Love is the daily sacrifice you make for another.
Ready For Anything
Prêt Á Tout
Every moment in time is an instance of beauty waiting.
Coming Soon
Coming Soon!
You'll love it
Winter Secret
Le Secret Hivernale
Let your hand be guided by what rightly sees the heart.
Coming Soon
Coming Soon!
You'll love it